The CITYSAFE® – the portable antiterror-barrier

Effective access control for the protection of public spaces

Terror attacks with vehicles and out of control vehicles are a threat for event participants, passers-by and residents.

Municipal authorities and organizers are constantly faced with the challenge of how to ensure the safety of their citizens at public events such as markets, public festivals, festivals, Christmas markets, concerts or demonstrations.

However, it is often the high purchase price and maintenance costs of technically complex anti-terror barriers that prevent an investment.

People deserve safety

CITYSAFE® protects public places from terrorist attacks with vehicles. This new system differs fundamentally from other anti-terrorism barriers.

CITYSAFE® is a preventive vehicle lock that prevents unauthorised vehicles from passing through or breaking through. It is simple, and highly effective.

CITYSAFE® is the security tool for protecting your public events. Low acquisition costs and no follow-up costs for maintenance or repairs save municipal budgets.

CITYSAFE® is a patented development of the iron foundry Torgelow in Germany. Cast in one piece from a highly stable special material. All the barriers used in our crash test scenarios so far did not show any structural damages and could be used again immediately.

Advantages & good reasons to invest

Accessibility for some wheelchairs, prams and bicycles, low risk of tripping

Favourable acquisition costs and no follow-up costs for maintenance or repair

Unobtrusive, transparent, can be set up at short notice

Extremely robust material, supervision- and maintenance-free

CITYSAFE® exceeds international crash test standards PAS 68 and IWA 14-1

Much more escape- and panic-proof than numerous existing mobile and permanently installed vehicle locks

Delay-free access for rescue vehicles

Installation requires no foundations, electrics, hydraulics or electronic controls

Transportable, quick and easy to implement, with simple means of transport

Unbreakable even in the event of a crash, unlimited reusability

CITYSAFE® is patented

This is how it works

  • In a crash CITYSAFE® flips over due to optimized center of gravity.
  • The tips of its columns and the edge of the groundplate get stuck in the ground and form a wedge even for big trucks.
  • In a crash at higher speed the barrier flips over and stops the vehicle by converting the speed of the vehicle into vertical forces..
  • The vehicle becomes immobile.

Technical Details

MaterialHigh tensile cast iron in one piece
Weight and Dimensions2.000 Ibs / 900 kg
2.300 x 800 x 1.105 mm (L x W x H)
Transportby modified pallet jack or forklift,
no crane required

If more than 1 barrier is placed (e.g. on wider streets) a staggered alignment is required

Approved safety

  • CITYSAFE® underwent a DEKRA Crashtest in September 2017. A truck of 22.000 lbs crashed at a speed of 34 mph.
  • The truck intrusion was 56 ft. CITYSAFE® barrier was moved by 37 ft.
  • On CITYSAFE® no structural or dysfunctional damage was detected.
  • CITYSAFE® passed the test criteria prescribed by international standards PAS 68 and IWA 14-1.

Conforming to standards

  • CITYSAFE® is manufactured under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and AEO certification.